Shrove Tuesday

Hey bloggers!

Have you ever heard of Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday or Fat Tuesday?! It does sound a bit strange that there would be a day called Fat Tuesday or even Pancake Tuesday but really its not that strange after all!

What is pancake Tuesday?

Pancake Tuesday is were you gather your left overs and make pancakes and share together, because pancakes are very good for mixing up all the left overs. It is the day before Ash Wednesday/Lent and the reason for that is because during Lent we usually give up something or fast for 40 days and some people cut back on tasty foods and pancakes are very tasty and yummy so that is why we celebrate it just before Lent starts! 

How do some other countries celebrate Pancake Tuesday?

There are quite a few countries that celebrate Pancake Tuesday, so I will only just be listing 2, Italy and South America.

In Italy, they call it ”carnival” and they have a carnival that starts around two weeks before Ash Wednesday and ends on Pancake Tuesday. In the carnival they were beautiful masks.

In South America, they call it “Mardi Gras” and Mardi Gras is traditionally time of colorful celebration before  the start of Lent.

Did I celebrate Pancake Tuesday?

YES! Of course and here are some photos to prove it!



SO PLEASE send me a comment and tell me what you do on Pancake Tuesday and what you thought of my post!


The New Year

Hello bloggers!

2015 is the start of another new year! And blogging starts up again! If you haven’t known or taken a proper look at my blog yet, well, I have changed the name and the theme of the blog, the name is now, Tess’ Tremendous Fruit Jungle!

Now I really want to hear about what you all think of the new year! Personally I am quite excited for the new year, because I’m in a new classroom, new year level and more! So now its time for you to tell me what you think of the new year!

Hope to hear from you really soon!!

Tess 🙂

Earthquakes news report

Hello bloggers!
Over these past couple of weeks all of the seniors in our class have been learning about natural disasters, and the task was to crate a video or news report telling about the natural disaster we had researched about. Tia and I chose to do a news report on Earthquakes and how to survive one if you ever come across one.
Down below, here, is a news report, hope you enjoy! 🙂

Thanks for watching, Happy, Sad, Devastating News!

News report on Bushfires (Homework)


Hello bloggers!!

Today I will be talking to you about the very unfortunate bushfires that are currently happen in the blue mountains New South Wales. Bushfires can do a lot of harm to a lot of things in our world, animals, humans, habitat, and homes. Thankfully the fire that is currently occurring in the blue mountains, New South Wales is all under control, so it is not such a worry. Although, the fire has been quite big because there have been around about 260 firefighters helping out and eight helicopters battling the 58-hectare fire. WOW!


Hopefully this fire does fully burn out very soon.

Thanks for listening,



3 Facts on Natural Disasters ( Homework)

Hello bloggers! 

Ready to learn 3 fast facts about a tsunami?!? Every week I will be telling you 3 quick fast facts about a natural disaster, and if you don’t know what a natural disasters is, it is a devastating event that happens naturally. And today, the fast facts are on tsunamis! If you don’t know what a tsunami is, it is a series of ocean waves that are very long, tall and wide, and Tsunamis occur in the ocean.

 1. 80% of the worlds tsunamis happen within the ring of fire 

2.Tsunami means harbour wave in Japanese 

3.Tsunamis can travel at speeds of around 500 miles or 805 kilometres an hour, ( almost as fast as a jet plane).

So come back next week to learn 3 facts about cyclones!! 

REFLECTION ON CHROMEBOOKS! How will they help me with my leaning?

In our school all of us seniors got a new Chromebook, and we got one each and here is my reflection on what i think of them!

Getting new Chromebooks is great and will help me with my learning a lot because….

  • I will be able to get onto my work straight away and I wont be wasting any time.

  • I will always have a device (my own Chromebook), so I won’t have to miss out sometimes and not be able to do that task that I want to do.

  • It gets onto Google really fast (almost straight away).  

  •                                                                             Google-Chrome


Hey bloggers!

Some of you might know, but here where I live we recently had our holidays, and so in this post I will tell you  something I did in the holidays! Now this is little but really fun for me, it was having a really fun sleepover with my favourite cousin! I’m sure everyone loves having sleepovers with there good friends or cousins or even someone close, right?

When my cousin and I had a sleepover we got to go to my/our aunties house because it was her birthday! It was great because we both hadn’t seen her for a long time, and there were many things to do, some being….

1. Play around with her brand new puppy named Lenny,

2. Play at the playground and on the oval with my brother, brothers friend, cousin and I!

3. And its great to be able to just go out to places!

Out of these three things I did, my favourite thing to do was probably playing with there really cute, adorable puppy! And  because it was only a puppy it hadn’t really learnt many things, but it certainly did know how to chew on clothes!

This is my post on my holidays, but now its time for you to tell me what you did on your holiday or what you wont to do on your holidays!

Tess 🙂

My term 4 goal

Hey bloggers,

This week my class has been assigned a task, to write down and share our term 4 goals! So Today I will be telling you about my term4 goal! Hopefully once I have shared my goal with you, you will share your goal for term 4, ( or goal till the end of the year!)

This term my goal is to  contribute to the class discussion more often. I think this is a good goal for me because it will help me to find the courage to put my hand up and have a go and not worrying if I get the answer wrong! 

So now I have told you my goal, what’s yours? Please let me know!

 Tess 🙂


Positive Education action

Hello Bloggers!

Ready for a new Post? Great!

Over this last couple of weeks our class has been doing a school project, and the name of our project is called random acts of kindness. For this action my friend and I decided that we would sell lolly-bags and lemonade out on the street, and as they were leaving we would get a little card that we made and gave it to them. The little cards just said things like ‘ Have a great day!’ or ‘enjoy the rest of your day!’

Altogether my friend and I raised around $20! After we had done this, we felt really good about it, because we knew that they were happy with the food, drinks and little cards we made, and we felt really good knowing that they enjoy what we are doing for them.

 Tess 🙂

Who wants to learn?!?!

Hey bloggers,

ready for a new post on wind energy and wind power? GREAT! here is my presentation on wind enrgy and wind power. I really hope you learn something from it because this definetly took a long time to make!

Please leave me a comment telling me something you have learnt or a question you would like to ask me!