Can you finish off?

Hello everyone, now your probably wondering why this is on a separate page to the other posts but it is because on this page I am going to be playing a little game with you which is called ‘ can you finish off’ the story I’ve made up below.

Hello there,

Can I tell you a story? Ok here goes, just a few days ago I went to the beach and it was extremely hot  around 31 degrees and then in a quick flash it just went absolutely freezing like it went down to around 10 degrees! I was all alone because my mum had just taking my little sister across the road to the toilets so because I was by myself I was a bit frightened then I looked up the sky was just pure grey, then I looked around the beach and everyone had gone! I quickly grabbed my mum, my sister and my things of the beach and started running towards the road then as I was just about to step of the sand at the beach a massive tree branch fell right on the footpath were I was about to get out, so I quickly ran to the other gap were you could get onto the footpath when more branches fell! I was doomed I couldn’t get out I was stuck on the beach. my heart started pounding as I ………..

Can you finish off my story? Put it in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “Can you finish off?

  1. This is what my class came up with next:

    My heart started pounding as I wondered what on earth I would do next. I felt scared. I was trembling. I felt hot and cold at the same time. I was confused. I couldn’t understand what was happening. Not five minutes ago I had been playing happily on the beach with my sister.

    Suddenly there was a loud noise … To be continued

  2. Davey & Giulia wrote: ‘The wild wind was blowing. The dark blue sea was vicious and the day was as dark as night. There was a fierce storm around. I felt sad and lonely. ‘I want to go home,’ I whispered. Suddenly I heard a roar. It sounded like a lion or a tiger. I thought I might escape the sea ward side, but the sea was too rough. I thought about moving fast and running away but I was too tired.

    The blackk rain was lashing. The weather was horrible and the sky turned the darkest shade of black. I was trapped. I fell asleep.

    I woke up feeling wet. There was a large furry grey and white animal licking my nose. ‘Oh No!’ I thought, now I am going to be eaten. Help’.

    To be continued…

  3. The story continues…
    But I was in luck. The animal was a Luck Dragon. It was a talking Luck Dragon. He had kind eyes and a gentle voice.
    ‘You seem to be in a bit of bother’, he whispered quietly. ‘Let me help you’.
    The Luck Dragon advised me to climb on his back and to hold on tight.
    I was lucky too because the storm had calmed down.
    All I had to do now was find my Mum and my little sister.
    I hoped they would be safe.

  4. Hello Mrs Beau, and your class!
    Thank you so much for all the comments you are leaving on my blog!
    Also thank you SO much for finishing and adding to the rest of my story! You are all FABULOUS writers! I enjoyed reading what everyone had to say!
    Now there is just one thing I want to find out about all of you! Do you have blogs?! Because if you do, I would LOVE to visit them!

    Thanks again Tess 🙂

  5. Dear Tessa,

    My students will be glad you enjoyed their work. We had watched the movie ‘Neverending Story’ and there was a ‘Luck Dragon’ in that.

    I think we have a little more to add, as Mum and little sister are still missing.

    My students work is in a class blog called ‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’. You can find it at

    We love to have visitors to our blog.

    With every good wish from Ireland (where it is ten o’clock at night, on Friday night).

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