The Drinkable book

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I’m going to tell you about the drinkable book, by answering questions!

What is the drinkable book?

The drinkable book is a book that scientists have created to help everyone to have clean water. Because 3.4 million people die from dirty water related issues.

How does it work?

So what happens is, you pour the dirty water through the filtered paper. Then filter in the filtered paper cleans all the water and gets out all the yucky disease and makes the water fine to drink. 

How can this help people in our world?

This can help many people in our world, because having clean water and prevent 3.4 million people dying! A lot of the time people are in desperate need of water, so they have to just drink the dirty water, but with the drinkable book , people can turn dirty water into great clean water that can be reused for around 4 years!

Here is the video of the drinkable book, I hope you enjoy, and please comment your ideas!

Tess ūüôā


Hey bloggers,

A few weeks ago, at my school, we had a school production! It was great fun and a really good experience for all!
The production was called ‘Beyond the Autumn Mist’ and it was about ‘Puff’ going through all different fairy tales, and trying to find a fairy tale to belong in. Each class did a different fairy tale.

My class danced to the sleeping beauty scene. We did 2 dances, one of them was to the song, ‘Hey now’ and the other dance was to the song ‘Classic’. My favourite part of the whole night was probably, watching the preps do there dances! They were great and very entertaing to watch!

Overall I think it was a great night!

Here are some photos of the rehearsal we did before the production!



Please comment, and tell me what you think!

From Tess ūüôā





Hey bloggers,

Today I will be telling you about one of my favourite types of animals….The Orangutan!

Like all animals, we need to watch out for them. But we especially need to care for their health and habitat. All animals are similar to humans in their lifestyle, but especially the Orangutan.The Orangutan is very closely related to humans , having 97% of DNA in common. The Orangutan is are very Intelligent mammal and is an animal that has been known for escaping zoos, because they have watch the zoo keeper lock and unlock the gate to where they are kept. As you can see this animal is a very special animal and smart, but the Orangutan is losing its home, and becoming endangered. The Orangutans habitat, the rain forest is decreasing at a unpredictable rate, which is decreasing the population of the Orangutans. One particular type of the Orangutans has decreased by 50% over the past 60 years! The main threats of the population decreasing with Orangutans are ,

  • Illegal hunting
  • Illegal pet trade
  • Loss of habitat due to deforestation
  • Palm oil plantations
  • fires

All of these things can cause a big change to the number of Orangutans. And In 1997 to 1998 there was a dramatic loss of the Orangutans habitat and the Orangutan species because of a fire, and around 20-25% of the Orangutans died, and now over the last 20 years, Orangutans lost well over 80% of their habitat. The loss of habitat can be a result of the number of Orangutans.

As you can see this is quite a serious problem, and we need to care for The Orangutan and not ruin its habitat, the rain forest.

Please comment and show your support!

Thanks Tess ūüôā

How Baboons have adapted to change

Hey bloggers,

There has been something amazing going on in grassy lands of Kenya, and I’m going to tell you all about it!

An anthropologist, who has been in Kenya, has been studying  the Olive Baboons for over 40 years, and is eager to find out more about them and how they adapt to change. In the 20th century, in Africa there were more baboons than people. But this has changed dramatically. The anthropologist found out that the olive baboons were now in a lot of trouble and that they have to move due to human population, environmental changes, and climate change.

It was a trouble for the baboons to move places but they quickly adapted to the change, even though they had to change their diet, habitat and more.

Although, the baboons did end up finding a new plant for their diet, prickly pear. The prickly pear does cause some¬†damage¬†with some animals ¬†because¬†it has¬†spiky¬†hairs that can¬†hurt certain animals and cause¬†bleeding.¬†However the baboons found a way to eat¬†them with no¬†problem. The rubbed the¬†prickly¬†pears in the dirt to get rid of the spiky hairs so¬†they¬†didn’t¬†have any troubles with¬†eating them. In the dry season the baboons still¬†don’t¬†have any trouble with eating them. The males¬†squeeze¬†all of the juice out of them and eat the¬†skin of it later. At this stage it seems like the prickly pears are looking good for the olive baboons.¬†

It is amazing how quickly animals can adapt to change!

Please comment your thoughts!

Thanks, Tess ūüôā


Bike poem

Hey bloggers!

Today I wrote a poem about bikes! Here is my poem!


A few years ago a got a big bike,

and it is one of few things I really like!

I always ride my bike down the street,

pass the shops where I usually eat.

Sometimes I ride my bike down to the forest,

to play with the flowers and be like a florist.

One time when I was in the forest I saw a great site,

so I hopped on my bike and held on tight.

I dodged all the trees and plants,

and ran over giant holes with ants.

Then I went racing down a giant slope,

and saw a big snake that looked like a rope.

When I reached the site I saw before,

I realized it was better then just like, a door,

It was another brand new beautiful bike!

I hope you enjoyed it! 

Tess ūüôā


Mini Fair!!

Hey bloggers,

Today at my school we had a very exciting fun and enjoyable mini fair! All the students, teachers and parents at my school where having a blast, including me!! We had a lot of stalls including, books and toys, cakes and biscuits, honey joys, chocolate, face painting and hairspray!! My favourite game though was, the chocolate throw! I ended up winning a whole block of chocolate!! This mini fair was so fun, but there is more to it then having fun. We had this mini fair at my school to raise money for Bahay Tuluyan! All the money we raised today will go to a  Bahay Tuluyan and this is great becuase it this money will help this kids to live better lives! We really hope we help them out.

It was a really fun day, and it is good to think that we are helping a lot of people by having this mini fair!

This are some of the students at my school of them having fun at our mini fair!


My friends with face paint!




Some food!









My friend and I!


Hey bloggers,

Today in class, I watched a video on Pluto! Pluto is a planet, and not just a planet, a very small planet, in fact known as a dwarf planet, that scientists knew very little about. But thanks to ”New Horizons” a brilliant piece of technology, that is just as big as a simple piano, now we ¬†know a what Pluto looks like, and we can see more detailed pictures of Pluto. Scientist from NASA sent this brilliant piece of technology into space in 2006, hoping for the best, and it has returned with great information and pictures. At first the pictures where very blurry but as time went on they became clearer and clearer, and on the 14 of July, this year, the picture was unbelievable and the best picture they had seen, since they launched New¬†Horizons.¬†

Australia played a very big part in finding out all the information we have found about Pluto. It was the first to receive the data, using the largest dish in the Southern Hemisphere. It was great that we found out more about Pluto, seeings that it is a planet, and it should be looked closely at, just like all the other planets!

Here is the video of Pluto, please comment and tell me what you think!





Thanks Tess ūüôā

Maps in Maths!

Hey bloggers!

Over the past few days, the seniors have been learning all about Maps! Although I was only here for 2 days, I felt like I still learnt quite a bit! I will now show what some words that help you when you are trying to figure out how to solve a map.

What is  Compass?

A Compass gives you directions, and gives you more detail and is more efficient then giving directions such as left, right, up and down. A compass has directions being, North, East, South, West! Here is a picture of what a Compass looks like. 

Image result for compass

This is usually the way you would remember the order of a Compasses directions!! (N, E, S,W,) 

Now do you know what a Compass Rose is?

A Compass Rose gives you more detail then just a casually normally used Compass! It has more directions to it! Here is one example of where you would put in a few directions in a Compass Rose, to give more information!  In the picture up top, in between the N and the E right in the middle of them you would put NE, and that stands for North East, then in between North and North East you would put North North East, and in between East and North East you would put North East East!!

I know that is a lot to handle, but you will figure it out sooner then later!

Please comment and tell me what you learnt!

Thanks, Tess ūüôā

Blogging challenge 10

Hey bloggers,

Today I will be answering some questions about my blog! Hope you enjoy!

  • How many posts did you write?

Altogether I have made 13 posts on my blog this year!

  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

All of my posts!

  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?


  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

I think that my ‘Can you finish of?’ page got the most comments, I think this is because it was an open ended story/questions, and there where no wrong answers!

  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

I liked writing my lolly poem because I love lollies and it was good to write a poem about them!!

  • Did you change blog themes at all and why?

Yes, well I had a blog last year, and I have the same blog now but i changed the theme, becauase I wanted something new and exciting!

  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

14! I don’t know if that’s to many, widgets can take away from the focus of the blog, the text, but widgets do make your blog very exciting!

  • How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

 around 50!


So that is it I guess!! Please comment, and tell me what you think, and if you have a blog or a participating in the blogging challenge you can answer these question yourself! ūüôā

Traffic Light Confirmation Reflection

Hey bloggers,

Recently I had my Confirmation! Today I will be doing a reflection. This is called a traffic light reflection!


STOP! What might I stop?

I will try my best to stop people from bullying, because bullying is mean and it brings people down. I will also encourage people to stand up for each other when others a being rude or mean.

I will also try to prevent homelessness from occurring in Australia and our world! How I will do this, My friend and I  are doing  fundraiser, and then sending the money to sacred heart! We are also handing out brochures to people to make them more aware of this problem in our world!


THINK MORE ABOUT! What might I think more about?

I will think more about volunteering and helping out in times of need, because people feel happy when people do little things for others.


START! What will I start to do?

I will always look after everyone and make them feel welcome. I will also make people more aware of problems in our world.


Please comment and tell me what you think,

Tess ūüôā¬†