The Drinkable book

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I’m going to tell you about the drinkable book, by answering questions!

What is the drinkable book?

The drinkable book is a book that scientists have created to help everyone to have clean water. Because 3.4 million people die from dirty water related issues.

How does it work?

So what happens is, you pour the dirty water through the filtered paper. Then filter in the filtered paper cleans all the water and gets out all the yucky disease and makes the water fine to drink. 

How can this help people in our world?

This can help many people in our world, because having clean water and prevent 3.4 million people dying! A lot of the time people are in desperate need of water, so they have to just drink the dirty water, but with the drinkable book , people can turn dirty water into great clean water that can be reused for around 4 years!

Here is the video of the drinkable book, I hope you enjoy, and please comment your ideas!

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