Mini Fair!!

Hey bloggers,

Today at my school we had a very exciting fun and enjoyable mini fair! All the students, teachers and parents at my school where having a blast, including me!! We had a lot of stalls including, books and toys, cakes and biscuits, honey joys, chocolate, face painting and hairspray!! My favourite game though was, the chocolate throw! I ended up winning a whole block of chocolate!! This mini fair was so fun, but there is more to it then having fun. We had this mini fair at my school to raise money for Bahay Tuluyan! All the money we raised today will go to a  Bahay Tuluyan and this is great becuase it this money will help this kids to live better lives! We really hope we help them out.

It was a really fun day, and it is good to think that we are helping a lot of people by having this mini fair!

This are some of the students at my school of them having fun at our mini fair!


My friends with face paint!




Some food!









My friend and I!

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