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Today in class, I watched a video on Pluto! Pluto is a planet, and not just a planet, a very small planet, in fact known as a dwarf planet, that scientists knew very little about. But thanks to ”New Horizons” a brilliant piece of technology, that is just as big as a simple piano, now we  know a what Pluto looks like, and we can see more detailed pictures of Pluto. Scientist from NASA sent this brilliant piece of technology into space in 2006, hoping for the best, and it has returned with great information and pictures. At first the pictures where very blurry but as time went on they became clearer and clearer, and on the 14 of July, this year, the picture was unbelievable and the best picture they had seen, since they launched New Horizons. 

Australia played a very big part in finding out all the information we have found about Pluto. It was the first to receive the data, using the largest dish in the Southern Hemisphere. It was great that we found out more about Pluto, seeings that it is a planet, and it should be looked closely at, just like all the other planets!

Here is the video of Pluto, please comment and tell me what you think!





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