Maps in Maths!

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Over the past few days, the seniors have been learning all about Maps! Although I was only here for 2 days, I felt like I still learnt quite a bit! I will now show what some words that help you when you are trying to figure out how to solve a map.

What is  Compass?

A Compass gives you directions, and gives you more detail and is more efficient then giving directions such as left, right, up and down. A compass has directions being, North, East, South, West! Here is a picture of what a Compass looks like. 

Image result for compass

This is usually the way you would remember the order of a Compasses directions!! (N, E, S,W,) 

Now do you know what a Compass Rose is?

A Compass Rose gives you more detail then just a casually normally used Compass! It has more directions to it! Here is one example of where you would put in a few directions in a Compass Rose, to give more information!  In the picture up top, in between the N and the E right in the middle of them you would put NE, and that stands for North East, then in between North and North East you would put North North East, and in between East and North East you would put North East East!!

I know that is a lot to handle, but you will figure it out sooner then later!

Please comment and tell me what you learnt!

Thanks, Tess 🙂

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