Traffic Light Confirmation Reflection

Hey bloggers,

Recently I had my Confirmation! Today I will be doing a reflection. This is called a traffic light reflection!


STOP! What might I stop?

I will try my best to stop people from bullying, because bullying is mean and it brings people down. I will also encourage people to stand up for each other when others a being rude or mean.

I will also try to prevent homelessness from occurring in Australia and our world! How I will do this, My friend and I  are doing  fundraiser, and then sending the money to sacred heart! We are also handing out brochures to people to make them more aware of this problem in our world!


THINK MORE ABOUT! What might I think more about?

I will think more about volunteering and helping out in times of need, because people feel happy when people do little things for others.


START! What will I start to do?

I will always look after everyone and make them feel welcome. I will also make people more aware of problems in our world.


Please comment and tell me what you think,

Tess 🙂 


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