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Today I’m going to tell you about punctuation and the importance of it!!


Now commas are very important, they give you a small pause while you’re reading a piece of text, and sometimes they just make the sentence make sense. Actually, they can save your life….we’ll sort of!! Here is an example of when comas can save your life…..can we eat mum? Or, can we eat, mum? Which statement do you think is correct?

Commas can also be used when you are listing a group of words, for example. Some of my favourite colours are, blue, orange, green and pink.


Talking marks are great because they tell you who is talking It’s that simple, although it is hard to remember where to put them, but it is still a great way to show who is speaking, here is an example of when you would use talking marks!! “HURRY UP!!” Olivia screeched!!


a question mark is put at the end of a sentence if you are asking a question, even if it is a rhetorical question. Here are some examples of when you would use a question mark.

-Do you love chocolate?

-Don’t you just love chocolate?


An exclamation mark puts some excitement into your text, and can describe the feeling of the character.  When there is an exclamation mark in the text, you have to speak with more expression!! Some examples of when you would use an exclamation mark are….”

– I’m so excited!

– I’m so angry!


Full stops are used at the end of a statement. When you see a full stop you can take a breathe, small break, before starting the new sentence!! An example when you would use a full stop is, My favourite colour is blue.



So I hope you have learnt a little bit about puntuation! So please comment and tell me what you have learnt and what you thought about this post!!

Tess 🙂

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  1. What a fun post, Tessa! Good examples are used…but, I can see that some editing of your punctuation is needed…oops!! Can you see them? It’s almost perfect.

    Mrs Y

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