Who Am I?

Hey bloggers,

this blog post is going to see how good you are at guessing! So I will test you on a few who am I’s?!


I am fast,

I eat meat,

I am part of the cat family

I have lots of spots, and lovely patterns all over me.

Who am I?


I have 2 or 3 hands,

I can be in different shapes,

I can sit on bedside tables.

Who am I?


Now can you guess what they are?! please comment below and tell me you think thy are!


Thanks Tess 🙂


One thought on “Who Am I?

  1. Hi Tess,
    I think that the first who am I is a cheetah and the second one is a clock.
    This is an enjoyable post for everyone. Keep up the good posts.
    From Jamie.

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