Shrove Tuesday

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Have you ever heard of Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday or Fat Tuesday?! It does sound a bit strange that there would be a day called Fat Tuesday or even Pancake Tuesday but really its not that strange after all!

What is pancake Tuesday?

Pancake Tuesday is were you gather your left overs and make pancakes and share together, because pancakes are very good for mixing up all the left overs. It is the day before Ash Wednesday/Lent and the reason for that is because during Lent we usually give up something or fast for 40 days and some people cut back on tasty foods and pancakes are very tasty and yummy so that is why we celebrate it just before Lent starts! 

How do some other countries celebrate Pancake Tuesday?

There are quite a few countries that celebrate Pancake Tuesday, so I will only just be listing 2, Italy and South America.

In Italy, they call it ”carnival” and they have a carnival that starts around two weeks before Ash Wednesday and ends on Pancake Tuesday. In the carnival they were beautiful masks.

In South America, they call it “Mardi Gras” and Mardi Gras is traditionally time of colorful celebration before  the start of Lent.

Did I celebrate Pancake Tuesday?

YES! Of course and here are some photos to prove it!



SO PLEASE send me a comment and tell me what you do on Pancake Tuesday and what you thought of my post!


5 thoughts on “Shrove Tuesday

  1. Hello again Tessa,

    In answer to your question, we celebrate Pancake Tuesday here in Ireland. We like to practise cooking them in the run up to the day.

    All too often we say; ‘They are so tasty and so easy to make, we should eat them all year round’. But then we forget.

    Traditionally they were eaten with lemon and sugar. However chocolate spread is the most popular topping now.

    Some intrepid teachers cook them in school for their students. I have to admit I don’t. I bring them in from home and reheat them in the microwave.

    This is because of the year I tossed a pancake for the students and it stuck to the roof. It is something, they don’t forget, but I don’t think the caretaker has forgiven me yet. That was also the year we made popcorn and the smoke set off the fire alarm. So I prefer to keep things simple …and safer.

    With every good wish,

    Merry Beau

  2. Hello Mrs Beau,
    Thank-you so much for commenting on my blog!(I was very excited when I found out and saw I got a comment from you!)
    Yes I understand what your saying when you say that chocolate spread seems to be the most popular and not so much lemon and sugar, but I must say I really do LOVE having lemon and sugar!
    Shrove/Pancake Tuesday is a very exciting and great day, I love it so much I wish Shrove/pancake Tuesday was twice a year!
    Thanks again for your comment,

  3. Hi Tess,

    Thank you for your reply. My class love to hear from people all over the world. It makes them really careful to spell and write well.

    I think lemon and sugar on pancakes is more grown up. So that must mean that you are grown up 😉

    My class are going to work on an ending for your story.

    With every good wish,

    Merry Beau

  4. Hello Tessa
    This is Ashling
    How are you?
    Shrove Tuesday was AWESOME and i loved it!
    Your post was very well sat out and very organised.
    By Ashling!

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